Buildit Auto, a social media experiment

A good friend of mine owns an automotive shop in Port Kells/Walnut Grove on the Surrey/Langley border. He’s been fixing my cars for 10 years now and has always done a great job. I’ve had some really awful cars over the years and whatever the problem it’s always fixed right and within my budget. Is this shameless promotion of a friends business on my blog?? Yes, yes it is.

The Shop is called Buildit Auto and I wondered if I could help bring them some new customers by exposing them to social media. They now have a Twitter account, a blog/webpage and soon there will be a Facebook page to finish off the social media trifecta. Check out the “work in progress” webpage at follow them on Twitter at and “like” them on Facebook

They are great guys who do good, honest work without the usual Automotive shop BS and won’t screw you around. My wife and some other female friends are also customers and they get treated the same as the guys. Check them out!