Bob’s BBQ, Whistler Creekside

Stop number four on the WFLBC BBQ challenge is Bob’s BBQ, aka Roland’s Creekside Pub, located at 2129 Lake Placid Road, Creekside, Whistler next door to Nita Lake Lodge. A little off the beaten path for most visitors to Whistler, Bob’s/Roland’s is (according to their website) a favorite for locals and is known for its hospitality.

My weapon of choice for this round of the BBQ Challenge was the K K “Pocket Kings” sandwich. Named after a poker hand, as all menu items at Bob’s, it is a Texas style beef brisket sandwich on a toasted roll with mayo and crispy onions. I opted for onion rings as a side because you can never have too much deep-fried onion. Just to clarify something before I continue, if you go to Bob’s before 4pm during the week you will find locked doors but don’t panic as their whole menu is available at Roland’s.

The presentation of the sandwich was impressive with crispy onion straws piled high atop tender beef. The chopped brisket was good, tender and juicy with a nice rub on the outside and a rich smoky BBQ sauce covering it but to be honest the meat was a little lost under the onions. The onions were great but they really overpowered the taste and texture of the whole sandwich, I had to take a piece of beef out of the sandwich to get a good taste of it. The bun was nice and fresh and perfectly toasted. The onion rings were good but were very obviously fried in day old oil, which is very common as most restaurants use fresh oil for fries only and deep fry everything else in day old oil. This oil was perhaps a little older than recommended though.

Over all I was a little underwhelmed by Bob’s BBQ, although they are a couple of easy tweaks away from making a really good sandwich. Round four in the books, as Jay-Z would say it’s on to the next one.



Bob’s Burgers and Brew

America, land of the free, home of the brave and the capital of the pig out world. No where else is quantity of as much importance as it is to our southern neighbors. Luckily at Bob’s Burgers and Brew quality is just as important as the amount of food on your plate. Located throughout Washington State, Bob’s has been in business since 1982. During a recent trip to Seattle with Mr. What’s for Lunch BC Senior, aka my dad, we stopped at the outlet mall in Marysville for a little bargain hunting and some lunch. The outlet mall was a bust as I am a shopper who needs an item or items in mind prior to shopping but that left us more time for lunch before having to leave for Qwest Field.

Located at 8822 Quilceda Parkway in Marysville/Tulalip just south of the outlet mall and the Tulalip Resort Casino, there is little else to choose from other than fast food, food courts or The Olive Garden (which I am not a fan of) in the area. It was pretty busy for a Sunday but it was lunch time and there was football on. The host told us that there was a 15-20 minute wait but we were free to grab a table in the bar if there was one available, which there was. On the menu I noticed they had one of my favorite American beers on tap, Black Butte Porter from Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. Black Butte Porter is what a porter should be and I drink it when ever possible.

Seeing as the restaurant is called “Burgers and Brews” and I had already ordered my brew I decided on a burger, the Double Dutch Burger. According to the menu this is an old Lynden favorite, I’m guessing because of Lynden’s Dutch heritage? The burger is a 6 once charbroiled patty topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, “savory sauce” (Mayonnaise?) and a foot long hot dog cut to curl into a ring when it is grilled. The burger was great, with the hot dog adding a nice flavor and texture similar to bacon but much more substantial. The Burger patty was nicely seasoned and not too salty with the texture of quality ground beef. The side I chose was Jo Jo’s, which in Canadian are called potato wedges. They were also very tasty, not overly salted and not dry like most potato wedges I’ve had. This place is a must for bargain shoppers/problem gamblers who like burgers and beer. The prices were very reasonable with my burger coming in at under $10, lots of food for not a lot of money, an American tradition.

Story number 1 from my cross border adventure complete, stay tuned for story number 2 coming soon. While you’re killing time on the old internet you can check out my new online business card with photo courtesy of my pal Erika aka Eye Candy Photoworks.