Peak Performance Project 2013, Vote Now!


102.7 The Peak’s 2013 Peak Performance Project (PPP) has entered the voting phase. This is your chance to vote for your favourite artist and help them win 102.7 thousand dollars towards their music careers. This year’s top 20 is packed with talented musicians and bands and I’m going to let you in on WFLBC’s top 3!

In no particular order (but lets be honest, we all know I voted for Bodhi) here are my top 3 picks for the 2013 PPP. Surrey BC’s own Good For Grapes are competing for the first time. They have a great sound and have a bright future ahead of them. Here’s their latest video “Renminbi Tips”

Rolla Olak, originally from Vancouver Island, Is in the PPP for the first time as well. He has a great folk vibe and his song “Magic Spell” is on heavy rotation at the WFLBC offices, check it out.

Bodhi Jones, the man, the myth, the legend, is competing in his 3rd PPP. Originally from Salt Spring Island Bodhi is a tallented singer/songwriter with a deep catalogue of original music. Check out one of my favourite tracks off  “Bones”, Bodhi’s latest album. “Suitcase Packed”

VOTE NOW! Voting closes at 5pm PST on October 25th.



Win an autographed copy of “Bones” by Bodhi Jones


We have 2 autographed copies of Bodhi Jones latest album, Bones, to give to YOU! It’s easy, just tweet ‘I just entered to win an autographed copy of Bones by @bodhijones from @WFLBC. RT to enter ” OR for you Facebookers you can share this page with all you friends and you’re entered!


Bodhi had his official release party at St. James Hall on September 6th and I can tell you that he sounds amazing. We’re all hoping for big things for Bodhi this year.

Enter early and enter often! Winners will be announced Sunday September 8th sometime in the evening.


Vancouver’s own Bodhi Jones new album “Bones” available NOW!

Bodhi Jones is back. The last time we had a new album from this talented local singer/songwriter was back in 2010 with “Where Does The Time Go”, which I still listen to often. Bodhi is taking part in this years Peak Performance Project on 102.7 The Peak, it’s his 3rd time in the competition and everyone who knows Bodhi is hoping for big things this year!


I first met Bodhi in 2011 when I was organizing Andrewpalooza to raise money for a friend dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. I asked Bodhi if he wanted to play at the Red Room for the event and he immediately said yes, he helped secure other talent and even helped persuade the lovely Carmen Cruz to host. Bodhi is a great guy, truly my brother from another mother. Here’s the video for the first single off Bones – Drink Like the World’s Gonna End.

Head over to and check out Bodhi’s page. Make sure The Peak knows WE LOVE BODHI!

Bones is available on iTunes and you can catch Bodhi live at St. James Hall on September 6th for the official Bones release party, get your tickets HERE.

Twitter – @bodhijones

Facebook – BodhiJones

Youtube – Bodhi Jones

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Good luck man!!


The Park at English Bay

Ya ya I know I said I wasn’t posting any more but when Bodhi Jones asks you to come check out the place he works at you don’t say no! The Park at English Bay is located in the Best Western Sands Hotel on Davie St. just off of Denman in a space formerly known as Checkers. There are few similarities between The Park and Checkers apart from its location, the renovations have transformed an out of date room into a very contemporary space.

The beer list is probably the best in the West End and it is still evolving with manager (or “Park Ranger”) Jamison Prystay at the helm. I had a Driftwood Farmhand Ale and a Howe Sound Devils Elbow IPA. Jamison and his food and beverage team are always looking to add new and interesting beer to the list which is great to see in an area not known for craft beer.

I sampled the Charcuterie plate ($15), it was awesome and could easily be on the menu for $18-$22. The quality of the pate, meats, bread and olives is very high. The ingredients are sourced weekly from the Granville Island Market by the chef and are always changing. Charcuterie always pairs well with craft beer so make sure you explore the beer menu while you enjoy this dish.

Next up I tried the Park Sliders ($7.50), 2 house made Angus beef sliders with horseradish mayo, Jalapeño jack cheese and banana peppers. Normally I’m not a fan of sliders but these were great. They had a nice amount of heat to them and the Angus patties were very flavourful. According to the menu “They’re a little spicy, so you’ll probably want to order another beer.” Those are wise words, beer makes everything better.

Last but most certainly not least was the Georgia Straight Fried Chicken ($15). This dish looked like it was going to be heavy and greasy due to the dark colour of the batter but it was quite light. The batter is thinner that it looks and the chicken is VERY tender. The fact that it’s boneless is a plus for me, I’m not a huge fan of chicken on the bone. There’s a honey drizzle that adds and nice sweetness to this savoury dish and it’s complimented by some garlic mashed potatoes with crispy onion straws and steamed veggies. Overall a very good dish.

I have to say I’m very impressed with The Park at English Bay. The food and drink menu are a perfect match to it’s beautiful location. For all of you die hard Checkers fans fear not, THEY STILL HAVE KARAOKE!! There’s now live music as well and it would be a great place to catch your favourite sporting event!


For the record my meal and beers were provided by The Park at English Bay but the fact that it was free didn’t change the way it tasted 🙂 Go Check it out!!

Twitter – @ParkVanCity

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Why should you come to Andrew Palooza?

Most of you don’t know Andrew Kristoff (most of you don’t actually know me!) so I would like to tell you about him. Andrew is 32 years old and lives in Maillardville in Coquitlam with his wife Theresa and their twin boys, Alex and Aaron. Andrew went to BCIT and became an electrician but hasn’t been able to work for some time now, I first met Andrew in 2001 and we have been friends ever since even though for the longest time he called me Steve (haha sorry Andy!) As time passed Andrew began to notice that he wasn’t able to do things as well as he used to and was soon diagnosed with MS. The disease progressed fairly quickly and for the most part Andrew is now forced to use a wheelchair to get around. One of my fondest memories, not just of Andrew but but from my entire life, was on a cruise for a friends wedding in 2007. Andrew wanted to go down the water slide so a few friends and I carried him up the stairs and fired him down the slide, his smile was totally worth it.
Andrew and his dad pulled me aside at Alex and Aaron’s first birthday party and asked me if I could help them raise money for Andrew to get Liberation Treatment in Seattle. Having just raised over $4000 for Variety for Hayley’s first birthday I was honored that they would ask me to help. Recent studies have shown that MS in not a disease, it is a malformation of the veins that allow blood to drain away from the brain and back to the heart. The veins are too small so the blood doesn’t drain as quickly an the heart pumps it in and this causes iron deposits to form on the brain which turn into lesions which cause MS. Liberation treatment is a procedure which enlarges those veins allowing the blood to drain and lessening and in some cases reversing the effects of MS.
Andrew Palooza is what we’ve come up with to get him this treatment. Dale from Red Room Ultrabar, who knows Andrew and his family has been very generous by letting us have this event and keep all of the ticket proceeds. The Red Room holds 500 people at $20 a ticket that’s $10000 enough for the treatment plus a little extra to allow Theresa to take a couple weeks off to look after Andrew and the twins.
Behind Sapphire, Bodhi Jones, Nadia Von Hahn and Sweetheart are all playing this show for free, Carmen Cruz is emceeing for free and we have some talented comedians, Ruven, Ryan Mutama, Al Hassam, Goldie Hoffman and Chris Gaskin to lighten the mood a little. We have received awesome graphic design for our logo and show poster from Rohit Tandon and lots of social media love trying to spread the word.
So now the only thing left is to sell tickets. Please come and join us, meet Andrew in person and help change his life. Andrew can be a beacon for those suffering with MS that  a better life is just over the horizon. Let’s show the Canadian medical system that this is a better solution than pumping patients full of medication. If you’re on Twitter use the hashtag #DoItForAndy or #AndrewPalooza for all Andrew Palooza related tweets. You can follow the event @AndrewPalooza. Please buy a ticket, invite your friends to do the same and come have a great night with amazing local music and good people.