Bowmore 12 year old Islay single malt Scotch whisky – Booze Reviews

My review of Molson M seems to be quite popular so I thought why not review more booze? I don’t think it’s a secret that here at WFLBC we like to drink (by we I mean I…) and I’m not your typical rum and coke drinker. Sure there are days when “what’s on special” can be heard coming out of my mouth but those days are few and far between. So without further adieu I give you the first official installment of WFLBC’s Booze Reviews.

Scotch is an acquired taste to say the least and Scotch from the island of Islay (pronounced “eye-la”) is not for the first time Scotch drinker. Bowmore Distillery is the oldest on the island and is named after its largest city. Bowmore has been in operation since 1779 and currently produces a core range of 5 whiskey’s varying in age up to 25 years old.  They also offer limited editions and a ridiculous 40 year old single malt.

My choice for this review is the 12 year old single malt, a typical age for fine Scotch whisky. The age represents the number of years the whisky ages in oak casks before being bottled. The nose is very heavy with peaty smoke notes typical of Bowmore. The smokiness is carried over into the mouth and is joined by chocolate, citrus and a subtle sweetness followed by a long finish that lingers longer than expected. It took me over a year to drink my first bottle of Bowmore because I found it too smoky having only tried Highland Scotch previously. My second bottle lasted 2 weeks, taste acquired.

I have a bottle of their 15 year old Sherry cask aged single malt just waiting for this one to be empty.