Beer Pairing Dinner at Edith and Arthur featuring Central City Brewers and Distillers

I get invited to a lot of beer pairing/brewmasters dinners, probably 2-3 a month. Someone recently told me that my blog wasn’t “Craft Beer Focused” and I can’t say I agree. Pubs/Restaurants/Breweries seem to value my opinion so when duty calls I do my best to tell the world about great beer and food. My latest beer pairing dinner adventure came courtesy of Edith and Arthur, a Joseph Richard Group pub located in Surrey’s Fleetwood neighbourhood roughly 4 blocks from my house. People living downtown might think that’s normal but in the Fraser Valley it is fairly uncommon to be able to walk somewhere without using a car to get close enough to do so. They teamed up with Surrey’s Award winning Central City Brewers and Distillers to create a 5 course tasting menu, each dish paired with a Red Racer beer meant to compliment its flavours. Spoiler alert, it was very good.

First things first, when you go to a 5 course beer pairing dinner you expect to try 5 beers. We tried 6 as we were welcomed with Red Racer’s delightfully sessionable Pilsner.


Course number 1 was Crab and Roast Pepper Bisque paired with Red Racer ESB. The bisque was rich and packed full of roast pepper flavour. The crab was almost like a de-constructed crab cake. It was delicate and sweet/savoury and was a perfect companion to the bisque. Red Racer ESB is one of my all time favourite BC craft beers and its caramel malts and medium bitterness accented the richness of this dish very nicely.

Crab and Roast Pepper Bisque.
Crab and Roast Pepper Bisque.

Course 2 was Grilled Pair Bruschetta with Chili Poached Prawns. The buschetta was simple and elegant with greens, tomatoes and goats cheese all accenting the slightly grilled pear slices on some toasted bread. The chili prawns had some heat but they weren’t overpowering. The heat was a nice addition to an otherwise light and fresh dish. It was paired with Red Racer Pale Ale, a classic and well executed American style pale ale with a malty backbone and a more subtle hop profile that an IPA or an ESB. Normally I’d prefer an IPA with something spicy like the prawns but this beer was a good compromise between the two sides of this dish. Pairing a beer with a dish that has 2 distinct and different flavours is tough and they nailed it.

Grilled Pear Bruschetta with Chili Poached Prawns
Grilled Pear Bruschetta with Chili Poached Prawns

Course number 3 worried me a little, actually a lot. My disdain for pumpkin “flavoured” things is well documented . There are a few exceptions but usually pumpkin and I aren’t friends. House made Pumpkin Squash Ravioli with brown butter and pomegranate seeds. The fresh pasta was amazing, the pumpkin filling was rich and only slightly “pumpkiny”, it was more like a butternut squash ravioli with hints of cinnamon/all spice/nutmeg that are usually overpowering. There was a generous curl of Parmigiano-Reggiano laid on top that added some salty goodness. It was accompanied by Red Racer Pumpkin Ale which is equally as subtle in the pumpkin department. An obvious pairing executed perfectly and present beautifully.

Pumpkin Ravioli with Brown Butter.
Pumpkin Ravioli with Brown Butter.

The 4th course was craft beer twist on Coq Au Vin. Traditionally made with wine (Coq Au Vin translates to Rooster with Wine) this one was made using Red Racer Red Ale, which I’m fairly certain is the Rad Racer/Flying Monkey’s collaboration Imperial Red Ale, in place of wine. The broth was seasoned well and the red ale flavour was evident but not intrusive. The chicken was tender and juicy and everything took on the flavour of being cooked in the Red Ale sauce. It was paired with…you guessed it…the Imperial Red Ale! You can’t really go wrong making a dish with the same beer you’re pairing it with and this one worked well. The Imperial Red Ale is a 9.5 abv monster which is better sipped than chugged.

Coq Au Vin
Coq Au Vin

The 5th and final course was dessert, an Imperial Brownie with Chocolate Mousse. Think of a one bite brownie, the kind you buy in those little paper bags, topped with a dollop of rich chocolate mousse. It’s impossible for that to be bad. The pairing is what worried me here. You may have noticed that we haven’t had any award winning Red Racer IPA yet, believe me I noticed that too. An IPA with a rich chocolate dessert? Yep, it’s crazy and I like crazy. It’s actually not that crazy, chocolate is naturally quite bitter and the sweetness added to it transforms the hoppy, bitter IPA into something completely different when paired this way. A ballsy move to be certain but you know what they say, not guts no glory.


Thanks to Jeremy, Jessica, and Corey for inviting me and my South Fraser Beer Club Co-pilot Rob out to this well executed beer pairing dinner, well done!


Honest blogger stuff – My dinner, as well as Rob’s, were provided at no charge for review purposes by Edith and Arthur.


Edith and Arthur Brewmasters Dinner with Central City

The Joseph Richard Group are really starting to establish themselves as a company that wants to be known for craft beer. Case in point the upcoming brewmasters dinner at Edith and Arthur in Fleetwood featuring Surrey’s own Central City Brewing on Wednesday November 20th at 6pm. 5 courses, each paired with one of Central City’s amazing local beers plus a welcome beer for $35. You can purchase tickets at Edith and Arthur starting Friday November 8th. This event is proudly supported by the South Fraser Beer Club.




Fundraising with the Joseph Richard Group is awesome

Fundraising is something that most pubs do for various organizations. Sponsoring local amateur sports teams or having Pub Night fundraisers for various causes is quite common around the Lower Mainland. The Joseph Richard Group has taken this tradition and reinvented it to be easier, more flexible and just plain better.


You can fund raise for whatever you want and they’ll donate 10% of your groups purchases to the organization/cause of your choice. Here’s how it works:

• A 10% rebate on all purchases made by any member of the team or company over the duration of the agreed upon time frame.

• Management and main contact person will establish the duration for the season.

• JRG will supply each member of the team/company with a personalized key tag to present on each visit to JRG. each key tag will state the team name and expiry date

• JRG commits to maintaining a detailed ledger on site at all times that will record each and every purchase made by team members. the ledger will contain: team captain/main contact person name and contact info, date/name/amount spent, initials by JRG staff and team member for every purchase made, and copies of every receipt.

• JRG will also commit to allocating an additional 10% of the total spend, to a maximum of $500, towards an ‘end of season’ / ‘wrap up party’.

• JRG will also provide a complimentary ‘JRGmvp’ trophy during the end of season party if executed.

• For regular fundraising ‘pub nights’, JRG will provide the design and print costs of any tickets needed, provided they are within the template of the current fundraiser ticket design. details of such events will have to be discussed and confirmed by the team captain and management at JRG.

• Rebate dollars can be paid out at any time with a minimum 72 hours notice. rebates can only be approved for disbursement by the documented team captain/main contact and senior management at JRG. rebates will be paid out in the form of a company cheque.

But here’s where it gets really cool. Say you like to raise money for a specific charity. For example. I like to raise money for Variety and other children’s charities. Sign up with JRG, get a whole bunch of key tags to give to your friends and family (or Twitter followers or whoever) and BOOM, you’re raising money for charity every time you or your friends hang out at a JRG establishment. For me it’s Edith & Arthur in Fleetwood because it’s within walking distance and they have Fat Tug IPA on tap. Win, win, win.

Also this is in no way a sponsored post, I just think this is awesome and I plan to do good things with it! WFLBC/Variety key tag anyone?

Find a JRG location near you at, follow them on Twitter @WEAREJRG and on Facebook at


Photo credit – JRG