Deschutes Brewery Public House – Portland

To say that I like beer is an understatement, beer is the ultimate social lubricant bringing people together since 6000 BC. When I was a young man I thought that beer was something you bought in 12 packs, drank tons of, wasn’t that expensive and gave you a wicked hangover. 3 out of 4 of those statements are still true except nowadays I cough up the extra couple of dollars for good craft beer. My favorite craft beer is Deschutes Black Butte Porter from an awesome little brewery in Bend, Oregon. Thankfully they have a brew pub in Portland which I was more than happy to try out on a recent trip there.

Deschutes brew pub in Portland is quite large and extremely popular with long waits  pretty much every day of the week. The inside is a mix of carved rich wood and typical brew pub old school touches. During my visit they were serving a cask conditioned Black Butte Porter (naturally carbonated) which made me quite sad, they’ve made my favorite beer even better but I can’t get it here. I had the beer flight, which consists of 6 beers of your choice from their large beer menu, you can’t go wrong with any Deschutes beer, except the gluten free option which was quite bad…

The menu at Deschutes is quite progressive as is most of Portland’s restaurant scene. I had a fantastic root beer glassed pork belly with a soft poached egg yolk as an appetizer, I could have ordered 3 or 4 of these and been quite happy with not trying anything else, it was great! My main course was a take on an east coast lobster roll using west coast crab. It was good, a little bland perhaps but the crab meat was fresh as was the roll. The soup that came with it was so bizarre that I couldn’t wrap my head around how it tasted so good. It was a tomato based soup with a few different kinds of shellfish and Elk Chorizo?? I know it sounds crazy but it was so good, rich, a little spicy and very fresh. I would have written down all the ingredients but the waiter wasn’t 100% sure what they were and the guy who makes the soup had gone home for the night (typical laid back Portland). Check out the rest of the pictures!!