What do I think about the “Surrey, The Future Dies Here” shirts? I’m glad you asked!

Photo – Metro News

So, someone is making shirts that play on the official city logo and poke fun at Surrey’s crime rate eh? This should surprise no one. Surrey has a crime problem, Surrey has a murder problem, Surrey has a robbery problem, look up the stats. Surrey has a bad image and it’s there for a reason, there is more crime committed here per capita than in our big brother Vancouver. Do I like the shirts? You know what, they’re kind of funny and kudos for to Mr. Don Pitcairn for having the stones to make something like this considering he actually LIVES IN SURREY! Would I wear one? Hell no, they’re ugly.  I’m sure the Main Street/Gastown hipster crowd will love them though. I proudly wear my Surrey Is The Bomb shirts because I like living here.

I’m sure you guys thought this was going to be a ranting, raving post full of finger pointing but it just isn’t worth it. I tried to promote Surrey but all I found was people who don’t consider themselves Surrey residents, they’re either from somewhere else or they say they’re Vancouverites. The cease and desist order put forth by the City of Surrey is toothless as far as I can tell, they might have a minor copyright infringement case but it’s pretty thin.

I’m as surprised as you are that I’m so indifferent about this, life’s too short to pretend everything’s made of roses and sunshine and unicorn farts you guys. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go sit on my couch in my affordable home while I sip fine single malt Scotch and think about how easy my morning commute is now that they’ve replaced the Port Mann Bridge. While you chew on that remember this simple fact proud Vancouverites, it’s pretty hard for people who live in a city that has a place as dark and disturbing as the Downtown Eastside to throw stones at anyone, then again most Vancouverites avoid the DTES more than they avoid Surrey. Cheers.