Partying at Doolins

East coast kitchen offerings

Hi, it’s Rochele, covering the debauchery part of What’s for Lunch. I had the pleasure of partying at Doolin’s Irish Pub located at Granville and Nelson last night, and I’m a little rough around the edges today. Who parties on a week night? Apparently I do, and some people that I know, and their friends, too.

Last night Doolin’s was celebrating their 9th anniversary as well as the kick off to their Up Your Kilt event. Styled as an east coast kitchen party with live music you could stomp your feet to, I sampled clam chowder, mussells, oysters, clams, crab cakes, and ribs. Please note this was a special event and you will not find these items on their menu, but I’m pleased to let you know that they were tasty.

Good drinks with good friends

Doolin’s throws an excellent party. The east coast kitchen party appeals to me; my dad’s family is from Newfoundland and I just think it’s in my blood to feel at home in an Irish pub. There is something about coming together for food, booze and drinking songs that you can’t help but love. I’d like to give a great big thanks to all the servers and bar staff for the terrific service, you rock!

Happy 9th birthday, Doolins! Thanks for having me over. We’ll do it again some time.

Birthday cake with the intern