SkyCity Restaurant at the Space Needle – WFLBC in Seattle

First things first, park your preconceptions about this restaurant and everything you may have heard about it. Granted most “Revolving Restaurant” tourist traps are all flash and no substance. I could forgive your preconceptions about SkyCIty. I had those very same thoughts when I found out that I’d be spending my Saturday night in Seattle 500 feet above the ground with a bunch of people I didn’t know. It turns out SkyCity is very, VERY good and my dinner companions were fantastic company.

Saturday night at the Space Needle
Saturday night at the Space Needle

The ride up takes just over a minute and the views from SkyCity are amazing. One revolution takes 47 minutes which means you’ll see the whole view at least one time and when your finished your meal you can access the observation deck which is 20 feet above and offers windowless views of Seattle and its surroundings. Try and plan your visit around sunset so you see daytime views as well as night.

Sunset from SkyCity
Sunset from SkyCity

Executive Chef Jeff Maxfield has created a menu featuring world class ingredients that is influenced heavily by Seattle and the Pacific Ocean. Is SkyCity expensive? Yup, very. You do get the amazing view along with access to the observation deck but it’s a pricey meal for sure. Is it worth it? Let’s find out.

Hokkaido Scallops with cippolini agrodolce, celery root purée, white sturgeon caviar
Hokkaido Scallops with cippolini agrodolce, celery root purée, white sturgeon caviar

The Hokkaido Scallops ($49) are big, perfectly seared and seasoned and the little dab of caviar on top is perfect. Did I mention it was perfect? For $49 the plate could’ve been wiped down a little better but I’m grasping a straws to find something negative about this plate. The celery root purée and the cippolini agrodolce (basically sweet and sour onions) matched up well with the scallops and the roasted veg was top shelf.

Pacific Halibut with oregon shrimp and pork dumpling, porchetta, parsley root, english pea broth, flageolet beans
Pacific Halibut with Oregon shrimp and pork dumpling, porchetta, parsley root, English pea broth, flageolet beans

The Pacific Halibut ($47) (flown in from Alaska that day) was super fresh, seared and seasoned just right and was moist and… Ok the superlatives are getting to be a bit much. This is a solid dish with some interesting twists, like the shrimp and pork dumplings that had an Asian character. Again, $47 is a lot but you’re paying for an experience and it just happens to come with great food.

After dinner we wandered upstairs to check out the open air views, have a look.

The Seattle skyline at sunset
The Seattle skyline at sunset
Elliot Bay at night
Elliot Bay at night
Downtown Seattle, the was a Mariners game going on hence the SUPER bright lights to the right
Downtown Seattle, the was a Mariners game going on hence the SUPER bright lights to the right

So is SkyCity worth the money? Yes, yes it is. There’s a $35 minimum per guest but that’s pretty easy to get to given the menu prices. The bill for me and a guest was just under $140 before tip and that included drinks of the adult variety. The wine list is nicely varied and they even have a few tasty local beers in bottles.

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Andrew Palooza wrap up post

It’s over, it’s actually been over for almost a week now and I still can’t believe that it all came together the way it did. In total with ticket sales, private donations, raffle sales and 50/50 sales we raised over $10000 for Andrew. I am overwhelmed with emotion trying to say how I feel so I’ll keep it short. Thank you to all the bands, comedians, The Red Room and everyone who supported Andrew in any way.

Here’s some pictures from the show!


Helping a friend, Liberation Treatment fundraising

My friend Andrew Kristoff has Multiple Sclerosis. Andrew is 32 years old and has had MS for over 5 years. He is a great guy who, with his wife Theresa, has twin 1 year old boys. Andrew hasn’t been able to work for a few years now, he’s an electrician by trade but MS has made it very difficult for him to live a regular life and enjoy the little things like being able to chase his boys around or mountain bike which is a passion of his.

Liberation Treatment is a new and exciting development in the fight against MS and has shown amazing results in patients living with the disease. You can get the low down on the treatment here. It isn’t available in Canada but it is available in Seattle and I would like to help Andrew get the treatment so he can live the life he so badly wants and deserves to live.

It costs around $7000 and I want to use my social media connections to help him make this happen. I’m asking for your help in whatever way you can. We would love to hold a fundraising event, maybe get some local bands to perform and donate the proceeds from ticket sales, food and drink sales etc to Andrew. We would also need a venue and some auction items or whatever anyone wants to donate. I know everybody says this but Andrew really is one of the greatest guys in the world.

Please feel free to contact me with any ideas/suggestions you have, let’s make a difference for Andrew and his family.



Qwest Field, Seahawks Vs. Rams.

My original intention was to write an article highlighting the differences between the food available at Seattle sporting events such as Mariners and Seahawks games versus the food available at Vancouver sporting events like Canucks or Lions games. It was going to be my first article for The Vancouver Observer, a local on line source for all things Vancouver. While doing a little research for the piece I realized that I wasn’t qualified to write such an article as I haven’t been to a Canucks Game in over 2 years! I checked on the website for Roger Arena and it seems that the selection has improved quite a bit since my last visit.

So much for my first VO article, that will have to wait until sometime this week or maybe next week as I might be headed up to Whistler for work. So what am I left with? I think there are some lessons to be learned from Seattle’s sports franchises and their food and beverage services. The one thing the 2 cities have in common is ridiculously over priced alcoholic beverages, with draft beer at Qwest Field in Seattle emptying your pocket at a rate of $8.50 a piece. The difference being that Americans have a wonderful thing called the Tailgate. I was lucky enough to be with someone who knew a Tailgater and we were graciously invited to join their party even though they didn’t know us and we weren’t from Seattle. They offered us beer and pulled pork sandwiches, gave us a place to park for free and when we all left to go inside the stadium they made sure they said goodbye and said it was nice to meet us.

To say I was surprised by this generosity isn’t right, but I certainly didn’t expect it. In my opinion this is less about what Canadians think about Americans and more to do with what Canadians think of themselves. Tailgating would never work in Vancouver because there would be fights and vandalism and the city would never allow an event on city property without controlling with security and or ticket sales. In Seattle the tailgater’s converge on a place called Tailgate alley arriving as early as 7am to get a good spot, it is about a block from Safeco Field and 2-3 blocks from Qwest Field. The crowd taunts fans of the opposing team but it all feels very good natured and never feels uneasy like it might escalate into something less desirable. Canada’s view of our neighbors to the south could use a modern awakening as I fear we see them through a filter given to us by television and our own preconceived notions that we are somehow more polite and dare I say, better than them. This is simply not true.

That’s enough of my rant for now except to say that I personally love America and Americans, except for Anderson Cooper. The food at Qwest field is pretty good, with lots to choose from. You can have anything from Popcorn, soft pretzels, hot dogs and hamburgers to pizza, Mexican food,  Southern BBQ, fish and chips and the world famous garlic fries. I chose to try the BBQ, specifically the  beef sandwich with spicy BBQ sauce and a soft pretzel on the side.  The sandwich was good but as is the case with most things at a major sporting event it was over priced. Sliced beef on a bun with sauce on the side for $9, a little steep. The pretzel was a little too salty for me but dipping it in the sauce of the sandwich made it easier to eat.

I hope that when the renovations at BC Place are complete that the food lives up to the new look of the stadium. Qwest Field is an amazing facility with great sight lines, amazing views of the downtown Seattle skyline and it is filled with great fans who cheer for their team louder than any other fans I have ever met. Thank you Seattle for a great day and for restoring my faith in America and her people.