Pig on the Street – Food Truck Friday!!!

Every Friday, if I’m downtown, I try to have lunch at a food truck. This week I tried Pig on the Street which is probably the smallest food truck in Vancouver. It’s actually not a truck, it’s a Volkswagen camper van and it’s super cool. They make flatbread sandwiches, soups and delicious sounding (I didn’t have one) Bacon, Bourbon and Caramel Brownie Bites. Almost everything on the menu is “Pork-centric” with the exception of the vegetarian sandwich called the No Piggy. When you place your order you’re handed a small wooden pig with a pork related name on it, it works like taking a number but it’s way more fun.

I had The Porker which comes loaded with locally sourced double smoked bacon, sausage stuffing with apple and sage, goat Gouda, caramelized onion mayo and greens. $10 tax included is a pretty good deal for this epic lunch. I was FULL and very happy as I settled into my pork coma. The bacon is incredible and the smell wafting down the street from the little Volkswagen is intoxicating. The sausage stuffing is amazing, the goat Gouda is a unique but perfect choice and the mayo and greens finish things off nicely. Pig on the Street is the cure if you’re “achin’ for bacon”.

The Porker
You should make Food Truck Friday a part of your routine. It’s easy, fun, delicious and affordable. Download the free Street Food App for you smartphone HERE and get started!!

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I’ve had a lot of food from trucks lately thanks to my awesome location downtown during the week. My latest street food lunch came from Tacofino, the orange taco truck, parked on Howe street outside the Art Gallery. Tacofino also has a blue truck that serves burritos at Burrard and Dunsmuir and the original truck in Tofino.

I had the Tuna Ta-Taco, actually I had two of them. Seared sesame soy Albacore tuna, seaweed salad, shredded cabbage, wasabi ginger mayo and mango salsa on a fire roasted flour tortilla. These taco’s are among the best fish tacos I’ve ever had, seriously good. The tuna is delicious, actually I’m not going to bother going item by item here because this whole taco just works together. All of the ingredients work so well together that it’s hard to focus on one at a time, just take a bite and enjoy. It’s made even better by the toasted flour tortilla with its subtle crunch.

Street food rules. As always I use @StreetFoodApp to find great local food trucks and so should you!


Coma Food Truck

I’m sure you all know I have a ravenous appetite for food served from a truck/trailer/cart. I don’t think serving food on the street makes the food better but as a blue collar, on the go kind of guy it works well for me. It doesn’t hurt that most of the street food in Vancouver is lights out delicious either, we are truly spoiled for choice and it’s all come together in a relatively short time.

Coma Food Truck has been around for a while and I’m suprised it’s taken me this long to give them a try. They’re one of the trucks in town that doesn’t have a “permanent” location so following them on Twitter or using the Street Food App on your iPhone is a must. They serve a Mexican/Korean/American fusion style menu offering tacos, burritos, Bibimbap, soups and much more. The day I visited was one of the first “cold” days in Vancouver this year and while I waited for my order they were giving out Korean Miso soup to keep their customers warm, so nice! The soup was great, a spicy version of Miso soup that was perfect for a cold day. It was also a little less salty than traditional Miso soup which is definitely a good thing.

I asked for a recommendation from the crew in the truck and they said I should try the spicy pork burrito. Spicy pork? Yes please! The Burrito was good, not overly spicy and was filled with cheese, tofu and corn to compliment the pork. The tortilla was lightly grilled as well giving it a nice little crunch.

Make sure you follow them on Twitter @comafoodtruck, Keep up to date with Vancouver’s street food scene with Street Food App and get outside and support local food trucks, even when the weather sucks!! You never know, you might find me at the window of a food truck one day!