South Fraser Beer Club

Well, I suppose this was an inevitable outcome, Surrey Beer Club has become South Fraser Beer Club. Why does there need to be a group like this? There are tons of reasons but it’s mostly been summed up in the “About” page from SFBC’s website.

5 Rings IPA

The area south of the Fraser River is filled with  craft beer drinkers, sellers and producers and they need a place to call their own. “The roots of SFBC grew from the idea that being a fan of small batch, hand crafted beer and spirits shouldn’t be complicated. We support those who support what we love, no bias, no favouritism. Have something you think we should promote? Send it to us via Twitter orFacebook and if it’s something we think everyone should know about we will share it. It’s that easy. Want to become a member or corporate supporter of SFBC? We should have that sorted out in the next few months with discounts at your favourite places.”

You can follow SFBC on Twitter – @SF_BC

Instagram – sf_bc

Facebook – SouthFraserBeerClub

On the web –

Cheers to an exciting future!



Variety BC / Surrey Beer Club tweetup in review

The third Surrey Beer Club Tweetup has come and gone and it was by far our most successful to date. We raised over $1300 for Variety BC! I’d like to thank everyone involved with this event and there’s a lot of you so if I miss someone let me know.

BR logo

First I’d like to thank Big Ridge Brewing Co. and Brewmaster Tariq Khan for stepping up and hosting all three of these fun events. Tariq always makes a great cask for us and sources another, this time from Derrick Franche of the Whistler Brewhouse. As usual both casks were amazing. Big Ridge’s resident DJ, DJ Alibaba, is always on hand letting me use his sound system to give away prizes and the staff all work so hard to make the events run smoothly, I can’t thank you guys enough.


Also a HUGE thank to Tom Zillich from the Surrey Now newspaper for sharing our event. We had a great turnout of people that had only found out about the event through the paper! Too bad you couldn’t make it out last night but I’m sure I’ll see you around town. Also everyone who shared the event on social media, there’s just too many of you to mention but Miss 604, CAMRA Vancouver and everyone who tweeted about our event or shared it on Facebook, thank you.

A lot of people donated prizes as well and along with the 50/50 draw they were the reasons we did so well. Thanks to Scott from Contrast Studio, Shannon from Shanny Bows, Sabrina from Usborne Books, Tyson (with the worlds best beard/moustache combo) and Ryan from Uli’s Restaurant, The team at the Big Ridge Liquor Store. Thanks to Megan for donating the awesome fair trade coffee basket, Don for donating the amazing chilli salt, My wife and her Mom and Sister for donating prizes, helping all night, buying lots of tickets and being awesome.

But most of the thanks goes to the great people who came out last night and helped us support this fantastic cause. Without you there would be no fundraisers. I had a blast and I’m really looking forward to the next event but for now I plan on sleeping in, I’m exhausted.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding Surrey Beer Cub, we’re going to make it an actual club!!

Cheers and thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Surrey Beer Club is happening this Thursday! Want to know what the casks will be?


It’s almost here! This Thursday (Feb 21st) marks the 3rd edition of our Surrey Beer Club meet/tweetups at Big Ridge Brewing Co. in Surrey! Join us a 5pm for great beer, good times and a good cause!

BR logo

We’ll have 2 casks, one from Tariq at Big Ridge and one from Derrick at Whistler Brewhouse. Tariq’s cask is his Sullivan Porter dry hopped with Brambling Cross. Derrick’s cask is his Alta Lake Ale dry hopped with Sorachi Ace. You can also try Tariq’s latest seasonal which is a single hopped Vienna style lager, I haven’t had it yet but I hear it’s outstanding!

BH logo

We’ll be holding a 50/50 draw and a raffle with some cool prizes like an hour long photo session from Contra Studios, some gift cards, some Big Ridge swag and a beer basket put together by yours truly! All proceeds are going to Variety the Children’s Charity. If you can’t make it and would like to donate you can do so HERE. You’ll get a tax receipt and if you mention Hayley Graham (my daughter) in your donation we’ll get a notification!

Thanks for all your support and I look forward to seeing you Thursday night!



The WFLBC annual Variety BC fundraiser is here!

It’s almost Hayley’s 3rd birthday, I can’t believe she’s almost 3! As we do every year we are going to raise some money for Variety the Children’s Charity as a way of thanking them for their continued support throughout Hayley’s life. Recently Hayley was fitted with special inserts for her shoes to help her walk, the results were immediate. I’ve never seen her run so fast! For those of you that may not know Hayley was born 13.5 weeks premature, weighed only 1 pound 11.5 ounces and was 11 inches long. She is my hero and has beaten the odds from day one growing to be a healthy happy little girl who amazes me on a daily basis with her intellect and sense of humour.

Hayley's shoe inserts
Hayley’s shoe inserts

When she was born I made a slideshow for my family to watch as they were unable to visit her in the NICU. You can watch that slideshow below but I’m told it makes people cry happy tears, you’ve been warned. In total Hayley spent 93 days in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Royal Columbian Hospital and then Surrey Memorial Hospital.

So how are we going to raise money this year? Surrey Beer Club of course! On February 21st join us at Big Ridge Brewing Co. in Surrey (5580 152nd street) for another super fun night of craft beer, good times and great people. The casks will be tapped at 5pm, if you’ve been to one of our events already you know the beer will be fantastic!

I’ve also set up a donation page where you can donate any amount you’d like to Variety BC. This event is free for anyone to attend but if you’d like to donate you can do so by buying a “ticket” at . There’s a fee that goes directly to for using their service but other than that 100% of the proceeds go to Variety BC, we aren’t doing this for profit, we’re doing it for Hayley 🙂

This was Hayley when she was born.

Tiny miracle
Tiny miracle

This is Hayley today, she’s such an amazing kid.


Join us and help support a great cause!


Surrey Beer Club Movember cask night!

Here we are, a few weeks into the month now known as Movember and my upper lip is nestled in a luxurious hairy moustache that women and potential employers find quite off putting. It’s all worth it though as prostate cancer and male mental health are very worthy causes. In honour of Movember I am once again teaming up with the crew at Big Ridge Brewing Co. in Surrey to have a Surrey Beer Club cask night!

Join us on Thursday November 22nd for a great cause and a great time! There will be a 50/50 draw with all proceeds going towards Movember. There will also be 2 casks of delicious craft beer to enjoy alongside Big Ridge’s stellar lineup of house made brews. The first is Big Ridge Brewmaster Tariq Khan’s amazing Batterhead ESB dry hopped with Columbus and cascade. The other cask is Surrey BC’s own Russell Brewing, we’ll have a cask of their porter dry hopped with cascade hops. Awesome cold weather, warm you  right down to your cockles beer.

The casks should be tapped around 6:00 pm and the Big Ridge shuttle bus will be available for those who’ve had too much fun to drive! Call 778-938-7433 to arrange pick up, the bus will be available at the King George Skytrain station for those coming from the “other” side of the Fraser River 😉

If you can’t make it but would like to donate you can do so HERE!

I can’t wait to show you my Mo!!


Movember 2012, join team WFLBC!

Ladies and gentlemen Movember is here. I look forward to this glorious month every year and religiously shave of my trademark chin warmer in favour of a hairy upper lip. This year Movember has expanded from it’s original mandate of raising prostate cancer awareness and is now championing male mental health as well.  Both of these causes are seldom talked about and adding mental health to the Movember agenda is a great move.

So what can you do to help? I’m glad you asked! It’s great to donate money and if you can I would be most appreciative (you can donate HERE) but what I really want is for you to join my team! Team WFLBC is looking to recruit Mo Bro’s and Mo Sista’s to help us raise money. Hit up you friends, your family, even your co workers and people on Facebook you haven’t seen in 20 years. You don’t have to grow a moustache to make a difference, I’ll be doing that on behalf of the team. If you want to grow a Mo please do and post pictures on the team page! Ladies, you are my secret weapon, guys who are afraid to grow a Mo will gladly fork over a few bucks to a awesome woman who supports men’s health!

Knowledge is power, moustache is king. Join my Movember team HERE. We’ll be holding a Movember Cask night fundraiser at Big Ridge Brewing Co. in Surrey on November 22nd. There will be amazing craft beer, great people, fine moustaches and a donation box! I’ll post all the details in the next week or so.

Thanks in advance for your amazing support!!