Variety BC’s 2012 Food Fight! The battle for brunch

This years Variety BC Food Fight! The Battle For Brunch has come and gone and was a great success! Over 200 people were in attendance at The Terminal City Club to judge brunch items made by 6 of Vancouver’s best chefs. This years participants included Yew Restaurant & Bar, Save On Meats, Tigh-na-mara Seaside Spa Resort, The Abercorn Hotel, The Terminal City Club and Ebo Restaurant.

Hosted by the energetic and charming Fred Lee the event was very fun and upbeat, all of the chefs did a great job and created some fabulous brunch dishes, lots of money was raised for a charity very close to my heart and everyone had a great time. The winner (two years in a row!) was the one and only Chef Ned Bell from Yew Restaurant with his take on a reverse Eggs Benedict served in a de-constructed style in a jar, it was so good I had two!! I’ve never eaten so many perfectly poached eggs in my life!

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Food Fight! The Battle for Brunch

The 3rd annual Food Fight! The Battle for Brunch presented by Variety – the children’s charity and Marketplace IGA goes down Sunday, April 22nd at the Terminal City Club! This years competitors include Ebo Restaurant, Edible Canada, Save On Meats, The Terminal City Club, Tigh-na-mara Resort and Yew Restaurant & Bar.

All funds raised by Food Fight go to Variety, a charity very important to the WFLBC family. Tickets are $45 and there will be a cash bar offering wine, champagne and other adult beverages. There is a silent auction as well with some great items!

Get you tickets HERE and I will see you there!!


2011 Variety Show of Hearts

Wow, what an amazing day. We woke up, got Hayley ready for the day and headed for the Red Robinson Show Theater to meet with Chris Graham, Special Events Manager for Variety BC. Lyndsey had met Chris through emails exchanged in preparation for Hayley’s birthday party and our fundraiser. When we arrived we were taken to the upper lobby where Chris was waiting and were introduced to a few people including Lexa and our tour guide Paul.

We gave our pile of cash to the appropriate people and headed off on our guided tour of the inner workings of the Show of Hearts Telethon, getting to see where the money is counted, where the phones are answered and where the cheque presenters are readied for their time on stage. It was there that we found fellow Tweeter Jen (@jenthebakedlife) who got to meet Hayley and Lyndsey, it’s always great to meet my social media friends and it was really great to meet another person involved with this great cause.

We then watched an on air cheque presentation from the side of the stage and I turned to Paul and asked who the person was who was hosting that segment. “Oh that’s Tammy, she’s been with us for over 30 years, she was a Variety kid when she was younger”. Funny thing is I know Tammy, I went to school with Tammy and I had no idea that she would be there let alone be such a big part of the show! We talked to her after she was off air and she took us in to the area off set where the host relax and get ready for the show and we were introduced to numerous Global BC TV personalities including Lynn Collier, Randene Niell, Robin Stickley and Steve Darling. We told them all about Hayley and her journey and they all wanted to steal Hayley because of her absurd cuteness (just kidding). Steve Darling also has a daughter whose name is Hayley who was also born premature at Royal Columbian Hospital, crazy right? We talked to him and his wife and daughter before he had to go on stage, it was great to meet you “Mound of Sound”. I’ll never tell anyone how I know that…It was great catching up with Tammy and her family and I’m sure we will see them there in future years and other Variety events.

Thanks again to The Roaming Dragon, Tinhorn Creek Winery, Paul Stirfry and The Loden Hotel for helping us reach and exceed our fundraising goal, we couldn’t have done it without your help.

Next year we will be on the air doing a cheque presentation, and we will raise more than the $4200 we raised this year. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring. Over the past few months our daughter has shown us that although she started out life causing us heartache and pain she will spend the rest of her life inspiring us to be better and to do more. She is my hero and I love her more than she will ever know.


Questions about the future

Hello faithful readers, I hope all is well in your world on this somewhat chilly evening. I am writing this post because I need your help/guidance/honesty about a conversation that Lyndsey and I had today. While enjoying our favorite guilty pleasure, Jersey Shore, we started talking about our daughter Hayley’s first birthday and the fundraiser we had for Variety the Children’s Charity and how much fun we had doing such a great thing for kids and families that need help and support.

The truth is we want to start our own charitable/non profit foundation and raise money and awareness for charities like Variety. We were able to raise a pretty large chunk of change with our fundraiser and I think that we could do so much more with our own foundation.

I would like to ask anyone and everyone who reads this what they think about this idea, are we crazy, does it make sense, does anyone have any advise for us or some expertise they could share? Hayley’s party was a great day for us and I think both of us realized that this may be what we were meant to do, and we also realized that this was the reason Hayley came into our lives. She has shown us what is really important and what true love means. We want to spend the rest of our lives making sure that other kids have the same opportunities that Hayley had and that other families know that there is hope.

Please give me your feedback, don’t be shy, good or bad I want to hear it.