My YouTube Channel

Faithful readers,

Fear not, I am still alive! A few months ago I started a YouTube channel, I’m 19 videos into the world of filmmaking and I am hopelessly addicted.

It’s a lot of the same things you’re used to seeing here.

Camera stuff

Food stuff (trust me, there’s food in this one)

Charity stuff

Travel stuff

Everything WFLBC has always been about, now with 100% more Scott’s face! I mean, who isn’t on board with that?!

I would love it if you’d subscribe to my channel and/or give some of my videos a like. It helps the channel grow and pushes my videos up the search results. I will be posting here as well. Brief overviews of my weekly video with an imbedded link so you can watch them here if YouTube isn’t your jam.

Stay tuned for more content, I post 1 video per week. This week I went underwear shopping. Not the most glamourous video but it was fun to make.



A new seasonal from Big Ridge Brewing. A new launch video from South Fraser Beer Club.

Well, Epic split Belgian Strong Ale is tapped out, if you didn’t see the video that South Fraser Beer Club made for it you can check it out here. The next seasonal at Big Ridge Brewing Co. in Surrey launches this Monday (Feb 17, 2014), Good Vibrations West Coast Pale Ale!. Check out Brewmaster Nick Bolton and South Fraser Beer Club’s Rob Wheeler as they hit the surf in celebration of great beer!

This video was made by the super awesome Bryce Pugh, you should ask him about the Kessel Run –

Let’s all have a beer together!


I love craft beer but some of you are as ridiculous as this video.

This video is pretty funny if not slightly inaccurate. Hipsters do love beer but not just craft beer. Many hipsters can be seen drinking PBR in an ironic fashion. This video is really about the Urban Beer Snob. You know the who I’m talking about, the people more concerned about glass wear and other people’s opinions than they are about actually ENJOYING a nice beer. The kind of people who don’t think it’s good enough that a bar/restaurant only carries craft bottles. The Urban Beer Snob is most likely not a hipster, they’re regular folks with real jobs who show no visible signs of their elitist attitude.

Ladies and Gentleman, The Urban Beer Snob.


2012 in Review – Favourite video – Leeside Skateboard Mayhem

As 2013 approaches let’s look back on some awesome moments from 2012. This video, shot in East Vancouver at Leeside Skatepark, was originally posted in 2011 but I first saw it in a post at┬áthis past Halloween.

It’s WFLBC’s favourite video of the year, enjoy!